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              Handmade Jewellery made Toronto Canada

Well I must admit it.....I'm an Accessory Addict!  I wear A LOT of Black so I like add to my dark (yet classic!) style and create outfits using colourful scarfs, fedora hats, high end purses......and of course JEWELLERY!
I love designing new pieces, making them Simple & Classic (sterling silver with freshwater pearls or mixing silver and gold metal to make a versatile Go To piece.
Links & Locks all started with me searching for a new line of jewellery that I could sell in my little boutiqe in Toronto.  I wanted simple keepsake pieces that were affordable as well as fun trendy pieces that were unique.  I couldn't find the right I created it myself!  ......cut to... closing my little boutique, having 2 (may I say adorable....most of the time) kids and working from home.  
My designs really depend on what treasures I find along the way......what inspires me from everyday interactions, magazines and well as the mood I'm in (whether the sun is shining outside and if my kids are behaving!)
I hope you find a lovely piece that is perfect for you..... or for your bestie....or your mum.....or even your little girl.  Take a peak at some of my collections included here, as well as on Etsy and Facebook.  I can do custom pieces and would love any and all feedback!  
Tell your Friends about Links & Locks too.....we love referrals :)
Thanks for looking at my online shop!  Now shop indeed  :)

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